Health & Safety

Managing the Health and Safety of our employees is central to Our working philosophy.


Health & Safety

Health and Safety

Managing the Health and Safety of our employees is central to our working philosophy.

We have a dedicated team constantly reviewing our working policies and site performance to ensure all of our employees, clients and members of the public remain safe.

Our dedicated team – led by our health and safety manager oversee health and safety on every project.

Demesne Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Ltd will:

  • Establish and implement a Health and Safety Management System to manage the risks associated with our premises and all activities.
  • On a regular basis monitor our performance and revise our Health and Safety Management System as necessary to ensure we achieve our objective of continuous improvement.
  • Provide sufficient resources to meet the requirements of current Health and Safety legislation and aim to achieve the standards of ‘Good Practice’ applicable to our activities.
  • Actively promote an open attitude to Health and Safety issues, encouraging staff to identify and report hazards so that we can all contribute to creating and maintaining a safe working environment.
  • Communicate and consult with our staff on all issues affecting their health and safety and, in doing so, bring this policy to their attention.
  • Provide adequate training for our staff to enable them to work safely and effectively, and to ensure they are competent and confident in the work they carry out.
  • Carry out and regularly review risk assessments to identify hazards and existing control measures. We will prioritise, plan and complete any corrective actions required to reduce risk to an acceptable level.
  • Maintain our premises and work equipment to a standard that ensures that risks are effectively managed.
  • Ensure that responsibilities for Health and Safety are allocated, understood, monitored and fulfilled.
  • Retain access to competent advice and assistance through the support of Health and Safety Bodies, thereby ensuring that we are aware of relevant changes in legislation and ‘Good Practice’